Stories from Clients

Testimonials from clients and organizations I have served.
Client reflections.

“Artist and mediator Dorit Cypis is running three workshops with our students based on her Public Engagement Lab –She created the lab to train young adults who are about to enter the workforce to utilize Principals of Engagement: empathy, reciprocity, active listening, reflection, leadership, trust. We had a great discussion last night centered around technology, the effect of ‘disembodiment’ and reclaiming the somatic understanding of where emotion resides in our bodies. We also discussed utilizing technology with different awareness. It’s exciting to introduce these principals to our students, a new generation of young professionals entering the fields of film, television, advertising and public relations.”
~ Rea Tajiri, Assistant Professor, Faculty Director, Temple Los Angeles Study Away Program, Division of Film Media Arts and Theater, Temple University – Los Angeles

“Dorit Cypis reveals subtly and brilliantly, both as a mediator and an artist, that what divides us also unites us.  She is insightful, committed, resourceful, and consistently thinks outside the accepted ideas, assumptions, and language people commonly use in conflict. Talk to her, you will not be disappointed.”
~ Kenneth Cloke, Center for Dispute Resolution; founder/Mediators Beyond Borders

“You don’t learn this in law school, conventional mediation trainings or anywhere else – the ability to use all your senses to learn all you can about the people and the situation with whom you are working. Dorit can spell the difference between a successful mediation and a futile exercise.
~ Jeff Kichaven, JAMS, Southern California Mediation Association/President 2005

“Dorit Cypis brings an artist’s sensibility to conflict resolution – the storyteller’s understanding that conflict is an opportunity for character development, a photographer’s recognition that resolution may require a new lens.”
~Dr. Roberta Morris, Mediation and Peace Education

“You are a powerful mediator and it is obvious that you also possess a gift for opening the lines of communication as well as the minds that go with it.  We were totally enamored by how you were able to accomplish the very thoughts we have tried to convey to certain parties since the beginning of this.”
~ Jill Exposito, Plaintiff, Civil Rights litigated mediation

“Dorit helped shift what seemed to be an intractable conflict to a place where we could begin to honor and respect one another’s experiences. Without having to let go of truths that I hold, Dorit helped us develop a path to move ahead built upon an acknowledgement of multiple Truths.

~Robert Herbst, artist/editor of Journal of Aesthetics and Social Protest

“Dorit broke down our ideological conflict and brought us back to the personal. I think she is a brilliant mediator, able to disperse conflict through language and performance and use the newly opened space to enable communication. I find myself revisiting her “toolbox” to get a different perspective whenever I can.”
~Christina Ulke, artist, editor, Journal of Aesthetics and Social Protest

“Dorit’s unbiased guidance provided a safe place for us to find our own way to a genuine conversation and an honest resolution. What makes her unique as a mediator is that she thoroughly understands what it means to be an artist, a collaborator, and a community member. Her practice offers a realistic and empathetic recognition of the subtle differences amongst these roles.”
~Annie Shaw, artist, independent curator

“Dorit Cypis served as keynote speaker at an advanced mediation training offered by Arts Arbitration & Mediation Services, about the unique way in which artists approach conflict and conflict resolution. The attendees’ evaluations were full of praise for her presentation. She was terrific!”
~Victoria Goldfarb, Esq., Associate Director, California Lawyers for the Arts

“Dorit is able to use her deep insight and understanding to see connections and opportunities in challenging situations and conversations. She uses humor in ways that allow all the parties to re frame their stories towards healing and happiness. I have been privileged to witness Dorit’s work for over twenty years.”
 ~Reverend Myo-O, Marilyn Habermas-Scher, Chaplin

“Dorit Cypis is a creative and skillful mediator. She has the unique ability to deftly marry disparate strains of thought and to knit together broken threads in the way of an artist, a poet, or a philosopher. Her intellect inspires mediators to forge truly unique solutions to intractable conflict. I endorse Foreign Exchanges as the beacon to the future of mediation in our complicated society.”
~ Jan Frankel Schau, Esq. Mediator, ADR Services

Partial Client List

Mediation and Judicial Associations

  • California Lawyers for the Arts
  • Los Angeles Superior Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution/Pay Panel
  • California Academy of Mediation Professionals
  • Center for Conflict Resolution
  • Western Justice Center
  • California Superior Courts: San Fernando, Newport Harbor, San Francisco

Not for Profit and Business

  • Centinela Youth Services
  • Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
  • San Francisco Art Institute
  • HeArt Project
  • ZERO1
  • Cisco Systems
  • Kim Baer Design Associates
  • Finishing Solutions
  • New Chinatown Barbershop
  • Occupy Los Angeles
  • Didier Hess/Materials and Applications
  • Friends Western School
  • Department of Graphic Services

Numerous Private Parties


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