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I work with individuals and groups experiencing conflict.

My clients are families, friends, business associates, civic workers, cultural workers, educators, and social communities who have reached an impasse. They seek resolution, in a transactional sense, but also want to come away from conflict whole and changed– not broken, defeated or compromised.

My clients have one thing in common: a genuine interest in resolving a problem and in the process experiencing growth and transformation.

I’d like to help you move through conflict transformed and whole. To get started, ask yourself if any of these statements are true for you:

  • Emotions have blinded me. Conflict hits your core, making what you once trusted, untrustworthy. In response, your emotions flare and stop you from seeing clearly.
  • Understanding differences is difficult. You have your beliefs, your values, and your opinions. You’re open to challenging ideas, but trying to beat to the tune of another’s drum is very challenging.
  • Creativity and innovation have stalled. Your conflict has become a dam, holding back energy that if released could generate something greater.
  • Intentions have been misunderstood. There are gaps between you and others that seem unbridgeable.
  • Consensus has broken down. Your group has fragmented and cannot work effectively together.

My approach isn’t for everyone.

You are more likely to be successful working with me if you:

  • Value human relationships. You believe that everyone has something of value to share and know that relationships are as important as outcomes.
  • Are open to new ideas. You have your point of view, and are willing to hear others, with the possibility of having your perspective changed.
  • Have a wider view. You see the next step and have a vision for what is possible several steps down the road.
  • Recognize the value of collaboration. You are an independent thinker and know that working collectively can expand possibility.
  • Strive for what is fair. You recognize social differences and would like to work towards more equity amongst people.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve, and the characteristics that contribute to my client’s success, click here to learn more about my working philosophy or click here to see some of my clients.

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