Dorit Cypis Joins AAMS Mediation Panel

  AAMS PARTY SELECT PROGRAM   Who does the Party Select Program serve? Anyone with an arts or entertainment related dispute who wishes to explore cost effective and efficient settlement options. The Party Select Panel provides members of the arts and entertainment sector with the opportunity to select an experienced mediator who specializes in arts and entertainment and is willing to offer three hours of mediation services at a reduced rate. By providing high-quality mediation services at exceptionally … [Read more...]

Performing Empathy:
What the Arts Can Offer Conflict Resolution

By Dorit Cypis, Susan Oetgen, and Eva Vander Giessen Differences between people can be incomprehensible, fueling mistrust that can deter us from engagement. Recognizing and negotiating personal and cultural differences is dependent on developing empathy for oneself and between people. Empathy is more than feeling for another; empathy requires us to reach deep within ourselves and recognize our own inner responses so we can then better recognize another person’s response. Empathy that moves from within people and between … [Read more...]

Conflict – a necessity for change and progress?

          Conflict - a necessity for change and progress? Dorit Cypis, award-winning artist and professional conflict mediator is the catalyst for this new insight and perspective.  "Conflict is normal, it's human". "In fact, conflict is necessary to create change and progress. Most people, however, have not developed the capacity on how to engage with and transcend conflict towards generative relations".  What becomes possible when we really listen to the other's point of view? What happens when we can become open and … [Read more...]

SPArt announces 2014 inaugural grants in Social Practice

SPArt, a new Los Angeles-based granting organization, announces its inaugural 2014 grants in Social Practice. With a mission of supporting works aimed at creating social change in the Los Angeles region, SPArt is awarding three artists 10,000 USD each toward the realization of their projects. These projects work in cooperation with communities and address or respond to current social issues and conditions. The SPArt vision is to fund projects that enable the artists as leaders and change-makers, encouraging lasting … [Read more...]

I + We Collective Movement Workshop

HUMAN RESOURCES LOS ANGELES  I + We Collective Movement Workshop Join and move together in power! Human Resources January 15th - 25th, Opening January 22th 7-9pm I + We is an experimental and participatory (political) movement workshop. Borrowing techniques from dance, social sculpture, and new games, the structured hour and-a-half experience explores collective identity, play, and movement. Workshop Schedule (additional dates, details TBA) Please RSVP to 1/15 at 6:00 pm (wed.) 1/18 at … [Read more...]

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