Understanding Conflict Through Art

Perched on a red velvet chair in her bohemian West Hollywood home, Dorit Cypis is the picture of calm. It's hard to imagine that she works with conflict on a daily basis. The Israeli artist is also a professional mediator; she received a master's degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University in 2005 and has been mediating ever since. Cypis is one of three recipients of the $10,000 SPArt (Social Practice Art) grant. SPArt is a Los Angeles-based initiative that funds artistic projects. The organization looks for … [Read more...]

Chats About Change | Pivoting: Ethics And Aesthetics

Pivoting: Ethics And Aesthetics Dorit Cypis Recent critical frameworks including Institutional Critique, Feminism and Identity Politics question the relationship between ethics and aesthetics complicating the artist’s role in society. And we are not finished. Where ethics connotes social responsibility and aesthetics imply that anything goes, what motivates artists to weave the two together and take on social challenges larger than a singular artistic voice? Where do artists “find” themselves in the confluence of … [Read more...]

Diversity Inside/Out: The Role of Anxiety in Mediation

A presentation by Dorit Cypis and Milan Slama This is an interactive presentation that recognizes the important role that anxiety and identity play in challenging mediators to “mediate courageously”. To be effective mediators we must recognize our own anxieties when we mediate difficult situations, discomforting topics and challenging clients, and assess how much risk we are willing to take before endangering the process of mediation and losing necessary trust of the parties. Mediators participating in this session … [Read more...]

Days of Dialogue – Police Community Relations in the Aftermath of Michael Brown and Ezell Ford

Police Community Relations in the Aftermath of Michael Brown and Ezell Ford Sponsored by Institute for Non Violence Los Angeles and City of LA 9th District October 30, November 1, 2014 Reflections by Dorit Cypis November 5, 2014 On October 30, 2014, 160 people from South LA came together for Days of Dialogue at Dr. Maya Angelou High School, to talk together of their grief and frustration in the wake of recent police killings in their local neighborhoods and nationally. Fourteen tables of community members, each … [Read more...]

The Crisis This Time, Conversations on Israel/Palestine

Dorit Cypis is collaborating with the Levantine Cultural Center to provide dialogue facilitators and organize evening dialogues with participating audiences after each presentation. These dialogues ensure more intimate discussion amongst groups of 8-15 people, allow all voices to be expressed and heard, and focus on action oriented responses. Americans are watching in dismay as Gaza comes under the bombs for the third time in the last few years and Israel as a nation finds itself in crisis, under attack by Hamas. Over … [Read more...]

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