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Differences challenge us to explore the gaps between who we think we are and who we are perceived to be by others.

Dorit CyprisHello, my name is Dorit Cypis. I’m known professionally as an artist, a mediator and a conflict transformer. I founded Foreign Exchanges in 2007 to bridge the disciplines of aesthetics/art and mediation towards conflict transformation. I develop creative models of engagement across social and personal differences for both public and private forums.

I am a mediator.
I have extensive training and experience mediating community relations, personal relations of family, business partnership and civil rights, as well as the litigated case. My mediation training includes procedural and substantive issues, legal process and social psychology, represented by mentorship with Judge Alex Williams III of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Kenneth Cloke, respected mediator in transformational process, Harvard Negotiation Program, and Public Conversation Project.

I am a conflict transformer.
Clients have noted my ability to open “the lines of communication as well as the minds that go with it.” My skills strengthen inter-dependence between the individual and the collective, transforming conflict because people engage differences and gain the ability to work collectively and generatively. Since 1979, I have developed and facilitated many social programs, networking among cultural workers, cultural institutions, educational institutions, civic centers, the justice system, homeless youth, social service centers, foundations, private business and private individuals.

I am an artist.
Since the 1980s, I have exhibited presentations on identity and social relations. My work has been presented by museums and galleries throughout the US, Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Japan and Israel. I have taught at universities and colleges nationally and internationally on issues of aesthetics, identity and representation. I have also received many awards including the National Endowment for the Arts, Japan Foundation, Bush, McKnight, Jerome, Ordway and Durfee Foundations, City of Los Angeles/Cultural Arts and Fellows of Contemporary Art. For more information: doritcypis.com

More About Me

  • Affiliations and Memberships: Member of Association for Conflict Resolution, and a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, past Chair of MBB Middle East Initiative, past Chair of MBB Los Angeles Chapter.
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